About us

Why Designer-Chems?
Established in late 2021 Deisgner-Chems is a new leader in the Research Chemical market, with a reputation for being one of the most trusted and popular vendors.


What Are Research Chemicals?
Research Chemicals offer exciting opportunities to further your understanding of the pharmacology properties and effects of a variety of synthesised products.
Many of these are analogous, or structurally very similar to otherwise illegal chemicals such as DMT, Cannabis, Ketamine, MDMA and Cocaine.

We offer substances with a composition of 3-MMC, 1P-LSD, 5-MeO-MiPT, Cannabinoids and many many more. The Best Quality In Research Chemicals
We source the highest quality products and work hand in hand with a variety of major European and international laboratories.
This ensures the Research Chemicals you order are arrive fast and in their purest form, capable of delivering the best results possible.

Designer-Chems provides a safe and discreet service, with 100% guaranteed speedy delivery to all our customers worldwide (T&Cs apply).
All our products are sold as research products only and are not intended for human consumption.
Customers must be aged 18 or over. We request that you check your local laws regarding the legality of any of the Research Chemicals we sell before ordering.

Designer-Chems can’t be held responsible for any issues arising from importation into a country where a product is banned.