McMicrodose – 2 x 10 gram

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Net Content: 2×10 grams
Ingredients: Premium Selected truffle mix, (grown on different spawn).

McMicrodose is a mix of truffles and contains natural psilocybin. 
Specially selected for the best microdosing properties.
Best to dose with a micro scale (0.1 – 0.01gr).

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Start with microdosing:
Open one truffle bag and place the contents in the container. 
Place the other bag in the refrigerator. Use a micro scale to weigh the correct amount. 
Use between 0.5 and 1.5 grams per day for microdosing.

Tips; Chewing well and slowly improves the effect. 
Truffles work best on an empty stomach. Meditating and resting contribute to a better result. 
Microdosing gives the best effect during an alcohol-free period.

General information:
Due to the unique experience of using truffles, these have become very popular in recent years. 
What is popularly called a truffle is actually sclerotia. Sclerotia is an amalgamation of mycelial threads (fungal threads). 
These wires are underground. A drop in temperature and an increase in moisture create an ideal climate for a mushroom to grow. 
If this climate is not yet ideal, the mycelium threads form Sclerotia (truffle) and absorb these nutrients so that, if the climate is ideal, a mushroom can grow from it.

• Chew the truffles well, this improves the effect
• Store the truffles in a dark place between 2°C and 4°C
• Only use truffles for mental health, not for depression, high or low blood pressure, heart and/or lung complaints, diabetes or pregnancy.
• Do not use in combination with alcohol, medicines and/or other drugs
• Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
• Do not use under 18

Microdose truffles contain the active ingredient psilocybin. Psilocybin is converted in the body into psilocin, a substance with many active properties that is experienced as very positive by most users. 
This substance has an effect on the serotonin balance in the brain. 
Serotonin is a substance in the brain that receives signals about self-confidence, sleep, emotion, sexual activity and appetite.

Nutritional value:
The MicrodoseTruffles contain nutrients that serve for the construction, energy supply and regulation of the human organism and are necessary for the maintenance, functioning and development of that organism, and can therefore be consumed because of these substances.

Magic truffles contain the following nutritional values:
Magic Truffle Unit
Energy 464.7 kJ per 100 g
Energy 110.5 kcal per 100 g
Carbohydrates 13.2 grams per 100 g
Protein 5.3 grams per 100 g
Fat 0.4 grams per 100 g
Dietary fiber 16.7 grams per 100 g
Salt (NaCl) 0.3 grams per 100 g
Vitamin D 10 IU per 100 g
Sodium (Na) 13.6mg per 100g
Phosphorus (P) 169.3 mg per 100 g
Potassium (K) 210mg per 100g
Calcium (Ca) 12.5mg per 100g
Iron (F) 0.7mg per 100g

The Microdose truffles naturally also contain the substances psilocybin and psilocin. 
Psilocybin and psilocin are hallucinogens. Hallucinogens are substances with a consciousness-altering effect that can induce hallucinations. 
When consuming the Microdose truffle, take the effect of these substances seriously and always keep the Microdose truffle out of the reach of children because of these substances!